Leadership through Horsemanship; 

Lives Changed, Hearts Healed


In 2009 I made the commitment to take over this program, changing its name to Between Horses and Humans and expanding its focus.  People often ask me what motivated me to take over the reins of this program.

It is simple for me –


One morning I picked up the paper and saw that an 11-year-old had hung himself.  I was shocked and filled with dismay.

Then I spoke with someone whose child couldn’t find the strength and courage to get out of bed and face another day of being bullied.


Yet another conversation tugged at my heart-strings; a child was so devastated by the unexpected death of a parent they completely shut down, no longer wanting to talk or smile or play, becoming despondent and angry.


So I asked myself:

“What difference could I make in the lives of children who are suffering?”


I know first-hand how the magic of horses can help transform the lives of children.   Horses shaped my life and gave me remarkable experiences in which to grow.  Horses gave meaning and purpose to my life and helped build my character.  Having had one of the most incredible lifetimes around horses I now want to share my experiences and the magic of horses with as many children as I can, giving them moments that are life changing and empowering.

“My equestrian experience expands over a period of 50 years, 40 of which were as a professional horseman.”

It was common, during the early years of my “horsin’ around” to learn numerous equine disciplines from a variety of trainers and I gained an extensive education regarding all aspects of owning and caring for horses.  My career encompassed a great deal of instruction and training for both horses and humans, including being a 4-H adviser and horse judging coach,  managing horses shows and horse facilities,  judging at competitions, and competing at the upper levels in Hunter/Jumpers.  I even had the incredible opportunity to ride races as a jockey of thoroughbred race horses.

Our classes and workshops are fun and educational.  We use a variety of methodologies, combining ground exercises, equine body work and riding, along with workshops and seminars, to accomplish our mission – “providing youth a place to learn leadership and life skills through horsemanship.”

On behalf of Between Horses and Humans,I would like to thank you for your support and belief in our mission to help the children of our community.

Barbara Slade, President

Between Horses and Humans
P.O. Box 6459
Gardnerville Nevada 89460

Between Horses and Humans is a Nevada 501c3 non-profit corporation, providing youth a place to learn leadership and life skills through horsemanship.

Donations to Between Horses and Humans may be tax deductible pursuant to the provisions of section 170.c. of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C. 170.c.

Message from our President

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